Fankàz was born on June 2003 to create their own Melodic – Skatecore-style songs. After many changes in the group's line-up, after friends' comings and goodbyes, the line-up is settled: Ricky (guitar and vocals), Mora (bass and vocals), Pole (drums) and Elia (guitar). The band that inspires these guys to play is Belvedere, as all those bands that belongs to Skatepunk and technical hardcore scene, like This is a Standoff, A Wilhelm screm, BigWig, Strung out, Action men, Pendleton, Forus, SunEatsHouers, LagWagon, Venerea and so on..

In summer 2005 they record their first DEMO “What is..?” in Paolo Martorana's record-studio.

On July 2006 they record their first EP "Don't Try This at Home", recorded at Natural Head Quarter (NHQ): this one lets the band cooperate with Alkemist Fanatix Europe (Management and Promotion).

They sign on 12/09/2007 their first contract ever with Quick Flow Records/Alkemist Fanatix Europe thanks to the belief of some very good people. The recordings take part during October 2008 at West Link Studios at Cascina (PI); Alessandro Paolucci and Alessandro Sportelli did the production and the mixing, and Alan Douches did the mastering at West West Side Music (NY). Their first LP “Slow victims for fast predators” was published on October 2009 and distributed digitally to all known channels (iTunes, Amazon, Napster etc. ..), in Italy by Andromeda Distribution Record Companies, and Europe by New Music Distribution. From 2010 onwards, the album is distributed by Road Runner Records Belgium. In 2010 and 2011 the band is completely dedicated to the promotion of the album and composes new songs that will form the new album.

In 2011 arrives also the endorser by Mayones Guitars & Basses (http://www.mayones.com/en/artists_players/fankaz_ricky). After more than 200 live, the band finally gets confirmation for the production of the successor of "Slow Victims for ..."

In 2012 signed to Overdub Recording / Aural Music Group, and in January 2013 entered at MATHLAB RECORDING STUDIO (PO) with production, mix and master by Jonathan Mazzeo.
The new album "Burning leaves of empty fawns" will be published and distributed in Europe, USA and Japan.

On august 2013 they shared the stage with the band that made them grow up from the beginning, Belvedere. A dream come true.

We wanna thank you: BELVEDERE (CAN), MXPX (USA), A Wilhelm Scream (USA), Caroline & The Treats (NOR), Cancer (SWI), L'invasione degli Omini Verdi, ACTION MEN, 1000 Degrees, SunEatsHours, Jet Market, The Fire, NoRelax, MEANWHILE, X-State Ride, To EdGein, Good Reason (SLO), One Trax Mind, Haulin Ass, Still Bleak (GER), Sweet Empire (NL), Hangin' Out (BE), Sidewalk (NL), Break Of Day (BE), Birtday Suit (BE), Charlie Bit My Finger (BE), NORMAVANA, Le Braghe Corte, Bad Punchline(GER), H-Strychnine, Foreplay, Thanx 4 all the shoes, The Adrenaline, Tonight We Dance!, MACE, Reinforced Concrete, Pride Of Haka, Psicodrama, Violea, About Emily, KILT, Medioceano, Skizzo di Brutto, Made Special For, Asgard, Society Modes Strikers, Kreatures of the Night, Penelope sulla Luna, Hatequarter, Nova Era, Cerebral, Margot, Spleen, Kodama, Black Wings, Karashow, Mad Lyricals, Cioccolata Fondente, The Bleeding Light, Small Box, Moonlit, Ophiura, Krypton, DEH, Lace Up, Famous Like You, COska, The Toasters (USA), BlindSideHit, Senza Senso, Five become four, Silent Frame, Resolve, Lalène, The Living Targets. Fundamental, Resolve, RigurgitOi, La Prospettiva, Meccanica Repulsione, Maggie May, Dirtyfingers, Mad Flanders, Antares, Teenage Bubblegums…ecc..




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